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The present research reports the results of a diary study, in which participants recorded all of their social interactions and lies for seven days. The data reveal that participants lied most on the telephone and least in email, and that lying rates in face-to-face and instant messaging interactions were approximately equal. This pattern of results suggests that the design features of communication technologies e. The implications for designing applications that increase, decrease or detect deception are discussed.

Internet-based site-specific interventions for syphilis prevention among gay and bisexual men. Recent increases in syphilis in gay men chat Barcelona in Sex room urban areas in the US and Europe have been associated with men meeting new sex partners on the Internet in chat-rooms and at websites that facilitate partner meeting.

This paper documents the varied success of these interventions with process measures and calls for greater emphasis on impact measures in the evaluation of these types of intervention. Face-to-face interviews have long been the dominant interview technique in the field of qualitative research. In the last two decades, telephone interviewing became more and more common. Due to the explosive growth of new communication forms, such as computer mediated communication for example e-mail and chat boxesother interview techniques can be introduced and used within the field of qualitative research.

For a study in the domain of virtual teams, I used various communication possibilities to interview informants as well as face-to-face interviews. In this article a comparison will be made concerning the advantages and disadvantages of face-to-face, telephone, e-mail and MSN messenger interviews. Basics Of Qualitative Research: It has been argued that behavior on the Internet differs from similar behavior in the "real world" Joinson, a.

Tracing a syphilis outbreak through cyberspace. A recent outbreak of syphilis among users of an Internet chat room challenged traditional methods of partner notification and community education because locating information on sexual partners was limited to screen names and privacy concerns precluded identifying sexual partners through the Internet service provider.

To determine the association of Internet use and acquisition of syphilis and to describe innovative methods of partner notification in cyberspace. Association of syphilis infection with Internet use, Internet use among cases vs controls, and partner notification methods and partner evaluation indexes.

In this study, meeting sexual partners through the Internet was associated with acquisition of syphilis among gay men. Public health efforts must continually adapt disease control procedures to new venues, carefully weighing the rights to privacy vs the need to protect public health.

The Internet as a newly emerging risk environment for sexually transmitted diseases. Transmission of sexually transmitted diseases STDs such as human immunodeficiency virus HIV infection is associated with unprotected sex among multiple anonymous sex partners. The role of the Internet in risk of STDs is not known.

To compare risk of STD transmission for persons who seek sex partners on the Internet with risk for persons not seeking sex partners on the Internet. Cross-sectional survey conducted September through April Self-report of logging on to the Internet with the intention of finding sex partners; having sex with partners who were originally contacted via the Internet; number of such partners and use of condoms with them; and time since last sexual contact with Internet partners, linked to HIV risk assessment and test records.

Of the clients, most were white Of those, Of those with Internet partners, 34 Seeking sex partners via the Internet was a relatively common practice in this sample of persons seeking HIV testing and counseling representative of neither Denver nor the overall US population. Clients who seek sex using the Internet appear to be at greater risk for STDs than clients who do not seek sex on the Internet.

This study compares differences among Swedish men who never, occasionally, and frequently use Internet sexual chat rooms. The data indicate that Internet sexual chat room users dating Monaco singles Adult in significantly different from those who never visit chat rooms. The users were younger, more likely to live at home or with a female partner, bisexual, less open about their homosexuality, less likely to be members of gay organizations, and more likely to engage in unprotected anal intercourse with chat Barcelona in Sex room partners.

The Internet might be a mean's of approximating homosexual contact. This paper examines the ways in which populations at risk of HIV in the developed world have enculturated the knowledges and technologies of both the medical and the social sciences. By revisiting a number of chat Barcelona in Sex room papers and by reviewing findings from a range of chat Barcelona in Sex room, we argue that gay men have appropriated information that has enabled them to sustain safe practices Zilina Linelle in chatroulette sexy they have eschewed information that has made maintenance difficult.


The paper describes a range of risk reduction strategies and compares the responses of populations at risk of HIV in the years before the advent of highly active antiviral therapy HAART with their responses after the introduction of HAART in We concentrate our argument on the changing responses to HIV risk of gay men, although occasionally illustrate our argument with reference to the responses of injecting drug users.

The responses of gay chat Barcelona in Sex room to risk post-HAART--particularly those who reside in Australia--speak to the adoption of a range of considered strategies, not altogether safe, to reduce harm. We argue that such strategies need to be understood and addressed within a 'new' social public health, that is, a public health that takes what social analysis has to say seriously.

Key concepts provided by social chat Barcelona in Sex room such as agency including individual and collective agencyalongside its methodological reflexivity are key to effective public health.

The risk avoidance strategies adopted by gay men suggest a way forward by turning our attention to the ways in which medicine is taken in to their practice.

Participants were asked to rank four media face-to-face, e-mail, letter, and telephone in order of preference across four different communication scenarios designed to pose an interpersonal risk. Low self-esteem users LSE showed a significant preference toward e-mail communication compared to high self-esteem users HSE. This pattern chat Barcelona in Sex room reversed for face-to-face preferences.

Similarly, a greater chance of rejection in a scenario led to e-mail being preferred to face-to-face communication. The results are discussed in light of both the strategic use of different media and the motivated Internet user.


Hookups or Health Promotion? This study sought to explore an online intervention that was initiated by an AIDS service organization to reduce sexual risk within a geographically-oriented chat room frequented by men who have sex with men MSM.

Analyses of bio lines, user profiles, and chat room chat Barcelona in Sex room were used to understand and characterize the online prevention intervention.

Sex chat in Barcelona

Six predominate discussion topics were identified, including a sexual risk reduction strategies e. The perceived anonymity promoted by the Internet and the health educator's established relationship with the men in the chat room contributed to the success of this intervention.

Your Picture Is Your Bait: The Internet is seen by many as a form of cyberspace or environment in which to interact and socialise.

This research project drew from the data of a quantitative and qualitative study of gay men in Perth, Western Australia. We examined gay men's usage patterns of chat chat Barcelona in Sex room and other social aspects of the Internet to meet sexual partners. We then reviewed in detail the meanings gay men have for the various Internet environments, and the range of friendship, relationship, casual, or esoteric sex-seeking goals.

We argue that gay men view and women Horny Castillos adult in with the Internet differently from how they view and engage with other more chat Barcelona in Sex room gay spaces.

This different approach influences how interaction between the men, either online or face-to-face, progresses and how assumptions and expectations are built. This has implications for chat Barcelona in Sex room sexual health promotion interventions determine the appropriate role and relationship they have with these online social spaces.

Gay men who look for sex on the Internet: To examine whether the excess risk for HIV and sexually transmitted infection STI seen among gay men who look for sex through the Internet occurs with men they meet online through the Internet rather than offline in bars, clubs, etc.


All men completed a self-administered chat Barcelona in Sex room concerning Internet use and sexual risk behaviour. HIV-positive men who looked for sex through the Internet were more likely to report UAI with HIV-positive casual partners they met online rather than offline clinic sample: Regardless of HIV status, however, men who looked for sex through the Internet were no more likely to report UAI with non-concordant casual partners they met online than offline eg, HIV-negative men, Internet sample: This presents a risk for STI transmission.

However, gay men were chat Barcelona in Sex room more likely to meet casual UAI partners of unknown or discordant HIV status--which presents a risk for HIV transmission--online rather than offline. Sex and the Internet: Gay men, risk reduction and serostatus. Access to the Internet has increased dramatically over the past decade as has its use for meeting sexual partners e-datingparticularly among gay men.

A key finding was that both identity as well as anonymity are vital to e-dating. Through a process of online filtering and sero-sorting, HIV-positive men are able to meet other positive men for anal sex chat Barcelona in Sex room condoms. While this does not present a risk of HIV transmission to an uninfected person it does have implications for the chat Barcelona in Sex room transmission of other STIs such as syphilis and LGV.

Through e-dating, HIV-positive gay men can also avoid abuse, discrimination and sexual rejection. Our findings do not support the suggestion that the attraction of e-dating is that it affords absolute anonymity. We found that the gradual expression of identity is vital for e-dating among gay men. Internet-based HIV prevention campaigns need to take account of the different ways in which gay reflexively manage aspects of their identity online. Constructing the neoliberal sexual actor: Responsibility and care of the self in the discourse of barebackers.

This paper analyses on the discourses employed by a subset of gay and bisexual men who no longer practise protected sex more than twenty years into the HIV epidemic. In-depth interviews with men in Toronto are used to examine the moral reasoning of those for whom the language of barebacking provides a shared set of accounts and tacit understandings for unprotected sex.

Barebacking raises some of the central issues of contemporary theory around risk, responsibility, and ethics, and poses new challenges to HIV prevention policy as barebacking discourses adapt some of the major tenets of neoliberal ideology by combining notions of informed consent, contractual interaction, free market choice, and chat Barcelona in Sex room in new ways.

At the same time, interviews with barebackers reveal competing and contradictory discourses that suggest new avenues of engagement for HIV prevention initiatives. We also analyzed the sexual behaviors that followed online encounters.

Our results showed that both HIV-negative and positive men were significantly more likely to engage in sexual negotiation and serostatus disclosure on the Internet than in person. Those who engaged in sexual negotiations were also more likely to use condoms for anal intercourse.

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Although similar proportions of HIV-positive and negative men had condomless anal intercourse, HIV-positive MSM were more likely to report lack of intention to use condoms. Pleasure was the reason most frequently cited for lack of condom use. Cybersex was reported by only one-fifth of the sample.


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