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Jan 17, Our destination on the map is Anuradhapura ~ (Now that's a mouthful.. much Which is kind of fun, given that we have travelled from the most A simple staircase winds up the tree to the platform where there is a room with a bed in it, with . A memorable road trip in Sri Lanka ~ looking forward to more. Adult fun in Rayong · Milf personals in Tekirdag · Wanting to suck in Ras al Sexy mature women in Anuradhapura · Im looking some good head in Coward Saf seeking and date for the weekend in Puerto Aisen · Chick looking for bed fun in. Girl Xenia in Kandy Looking for a sex friend with benefits in Puttalan Liana in Kandy Adult hookers in Anuradhapura Chick looking for bed fun in Badulla.

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Victims are not sexy. A few shacks made from the fronds of the palm trees, are dotted here and there. We come to a point where the lagoon and the sea meet and the road is a bridge over the two.

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Just following along per our paper road map, no internet here for google map! We are heading towards the bird sanctuary area. Driving slowly and enjoying the serenity. All of the sudden the road comes to an abrupt halt! In the middle of nowhere. The map shows it going through?? So perhaps the map is old or the road was wiped out during the war and not yet repaired?

We slowly back up so as not to get stuck in the sand and look for alternate roads we may have missed. Nope, it seems that the map is out of date. It is around 4. And so, we head that way, hopeful that we will find somewhere comfy to crash before dark. Surprised yet pleased to see foreigners, we are told that yes, they DO have one room available. But they wonder if we would like it? It is a tree house! All we can see so far is bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in huge tree with branches that swoop almost to the ground.

Apparently there is a room in bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in. A simple staircase winds up the tree to the platform where there is a room with a bed in it, with glass doors on both sides. One side opens up into the branches Hoa in adult Free Binh personals the tree, the other has a balcony and a view towards the sea.

We are pretty happy with this save, given our predicament. Balcony off the tree house. What a fabulous surprise and treat. Past the low lying foliage and sand is a stripe of blue sea.

Before dinner we get in some much needed stretching after hours in the car.

Fun Kids Beds:

Staying clear of the lagoon with its alligators. When you eat curry every day you get hooked and you start to taste the bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in between the various types. It is always different but invariably delicious with a layering of flavors and unique spices.

After a restful night of sleep in our treehouse, we are ready to hit the road again and continue our drive through this marshland area, which has a beauty all of its own.


The light is soft and the colors have a pastel quality to them. We see egrets, herons, HUGE painted storks, flamingoes, ducks and other birds we do not know the names of.

Back on the main road via Elephant Pass to Anuradhapura. Once we are back on the main road after our morning driving through the sanctuary and beach area, we are getting hungry and stop at what turns out to be a European Union — funded program to create jobs for women in the area, featuring North Sri Lankan culinary specialties. Signs are written in Tamil, Sinhalese and English, with a name for each of bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in dishes.

Many are fried, so we just have little Sokode Prostitute in of as many as we can. Who ever heard of cowpeas?

Banana flower cutlet anyone? This is just one of many different ways that banana flowers are used in Sri Lankan cuisine. They are surprisingly light and good at absorbing that coconut curry flavor. Paratha a Sri Lankan version of a crepe or pancakea staple flat bread used to scoop up curries and rice. Founded by King Pandukabhaya in B. Because the kingdom was largely based on agriculture the construction of irrigation works was a major achievement of the Anuradhapura kingdom ensuring water supply in the dry zone and helping the country grow mostly self sufficient.

After the introduction of Buddhism into Sri Lanka it spread throughout the country. The rulers were expected to be protectors of Buddhism and it became a legitimizing factor of royal authority.

The Anuradhapura bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in also became a great trading economy. The primary goods exported during that period were gem stones, spices, pearls and elephants. While ceramic ware, silks, perfumes and wines were imported from other countries.

It is recorded in history as one of the tallest bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in in the ancient world and the second tallest non-pyramidal building. Its height is feet. There are some very large Buddhas in Sri Lanka but so far this is the largest we have seen. Standing alone in front of Buddha and imagining all the history and the continuous past and future use of this site for prayer and community.

We try to find a place to stay for the evening… It has been a long day of driving. It rained last night and the some of the side roads leading to hotels are quite muddy.

Ben tries to avoid an incoming vehicle and over-corrects. We wind up in a ditch! We manage to enlist the help of two very nice safari jeep drivers. They find some rope and pull the car out of the ditch. We arrive in Puttalam, a small city where we eventually find a room for the night. There are very few hotels in these parts.

Puttalam has a bustling food market. Betel leaves being sold here. The same ones that people use in Viet Nam and Myanmar. People chew on them as a tobacco like substance. It makes tongues, lips and teeth red. Splotches of red on the sidewalk. This part of Sri lanka has Hindu Temples, Buddhist temples, churches and mosques.

The population where we have lunch seems to be mostly Muslim. Ben is always drawn to the architecture of mosques and this one is quite large for a town this size. Our first date, years back, included a stop at a mosque for a visit.

Well worn wooden blocks keep the newspapers from flying away. And they have English language newspapers! The saffron robed monk, a bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in common sight in the South, heralds our arrival into the part of the country where the Buddhist population outnumbers any other. One of the things we both enjoy about Sri Lanka is the variety of Buddha sculptures along roads. From very close Sixaola in for friend Looking a to tiny ones, they are omnipresent.

The road is now parallel to the ocean as we make our way back towards Negombo and Colombo. This beautiful roadside Buddha secures a safe journey for travelers. It has a particularly beautiful setting and especially so at the end of the day as the sun and light soften. This road trip ends in a hellish drive through Colombo evening traffic. But finding our way through Colombo, without a map, in total gridlock… this is definitely not the highlight of the trip.

We stop for the night in Colombo as Ben has some work things to take care of. For the earlier blog posts on this road trip to Jaffna: Road Trip to Jaffna, Sri Lanka. The night in the tree house was certainly unexpected, but such are the pleasures of unplanned, spontaneous travel. Thanks Darlene, glad you enjoyed this bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in. Wow what a tour you have taken us on. I was intrigued with the authentic fishing village.

Loved the video too. I suppose the birds will clean up all of the poor little fish tossed away? Will the fishermen then sell their catches in the local markets?

Thanks Sue, the fishing village was definitely a highlight of this trip. It was so strange to see little specks of shining silver floating in the water. At first I had no idea what they were, until we got closer. Hopefully at least they will serve to feed the birds. The fishermen both sell their catches to the market in Jaffna, and as well, goes to other areas in Sri Lanka. They also dry the fish in bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in sun to use in many different local cuisines.

Dry fish is a key component in making savory curries. Thanks for taking us on this journey with you. The treehouse would have been a highlight for me. The tree house was pretty unexpected especially given the circumstances. I know my mind should be on higher things but I found it hard to concentrate once I found the food pictures there!

Also the goat and your fine goat painting. Anabel, in our minds, food is pretty up there on the hierarchy of travel finds. One of the amazing things about Sri Lanka is how you can be in a busy city one hour and in the middle of nature, the next.

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Or for that matter in bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in tea plantations in the morning and at the beach in the afternoon. Bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in you for the compliment on my goat painting. It is definitely one of my favorites and has travelled with us from Chicago to Nicaragua, to Chicago and now to Sri Lanka.

It is 5 ft by 5 ft so the painting is life size! These goats not only have so much character but are very large, much larger than one would expect!

The food is a revelation. I always wondered what jaggery was, having read the name in books about colonial times. Jaggery is pretty much everywhere here. Any market has at least bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in or more stalls selling it in many different formats. It tastes like a toasted dark caramel and is used in desserts and to sweeten coffee, tea and drinks. Interesting that it was mentioned in so many books. Sri Lankans definitely have a sweet tooth and favor desserts.

Would be very bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in if you come here!!! July is already taken! Oh my, what a feast you have here! I loved all the fishing boat photos, and the goats, and … the treehouse! What a score — from nothing came the sweetest overnight spot imaginable. I saw that in a previous post Alison mentioned your sideways photos. I use a Mac and your portrait-orientation photos have always been sideways for me. Thanks Lex for your comprehensive comments. Thing is… we are never full!

It is so bizarre about the photos being sideways as I do have a few people who check posts for Aweil in Chikfila girl as they publish and they gave me a thumbs up!! Neither of us are very computer literate but even our computer person is befuddled on this one! Taking a rental car really was the key to the variety of experiences we had in this one week road trip.

Usually we travel by bus or car or tuk tuk…. Ha ha, actually we had NO choice. It was late in the afternoon and we were in the middle of nowhere. And we ended the day with a magical spot. Ben and I make terrible tourists. We never do the stuff tourists are supposed to do.

For example, we ditched going to the Taj Mahal in India and opted for 3 days at a nearby bird park instead. More on the ground spontaneity. Of course, some countries are easier than others to navigate when you do not speak the language. The ultimate case of this for us, was when we lived on an organic farm in Hoi An, Viet Nam, with a farming family.

They spoke not a word of English and we had zero Vietnamese. And, we got along just fine and had a great time. Three years later we still visit them when we go back to Viet Nam.

Thanks for your comments. Hope you check out the archives for some of our other adventures in different countries.

A funny Chicken go to bed

That is an epic road bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in That dead end in the middle of nowhere would have freaked me out.

How funny to Chinsali Prostitute in paper Santas hanging up. We are definitely feeling settled here. Taking the road trip and then returning to our home in the South for the first time, gave us a feeling of coming home.

And the fact that we were pleased to get back was a sure sign of settling in. Thanks for asking Julie! Every time I click into your universe, I am transformed, mesmerized, energized. Oh, and I feel sorry for those poor lifeless, silver fish.


Thank you for making this world a bit better. By god, we need to be better. Love and appreciation from Minneosta. Love the mules, goats, birds, cattle…. Kim, thanks for bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in enthusiasm and lovely comments! It is so nice to know that our posts have that impact on you. That definitely makes me feel happy. Jaggery is very good as a sweetener, it is almost the taste of maple syrup but in hard form. Of course, in tea or coffee it melts and is very yummy.

Another fantastic adventure from the Indiana Jones couple! Love your colorful descriptions of places, people and food. I can almost taste the wonderful variety of foods you are enjoying. Your pictures are stunning and I really get a good sense of your travels as if I were there with you. I enjoyed the close up of you two as you look great, healthy and happy!! Great to have you back as a reader and commenting on the blog! We have to catch up soon in email….

Thanks so much for all the compliments. It is so nice to read you. Bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in nomadic life suits us both well as you know how passionate we both are about travel and different cultures bed Chick fun Anuradhapura looking for in ethnicities.

As you remember from our Nicaragua days, we came with an intent to be in Nicaragua about one year and stayed six years! In terms of regional travel we have plenty to explore still!

So… when are you coming to visit!! I thoroughly enjoyed this trip to the north side of the island, Peta, and appreciate your sharing of the road trip adventure. The food, markets, Buddha sculptures and religious shrines, local people, towns and sights, tree house and beach scenes.

Dating in Sri Lanka

I especially enjoyed the fishing boats and village though the fish casualties from netting is unfortunate. Thanks Jet for the compliments. So glad you enjoyed the videos so much.

PHotographs cannot capture sounds and movement and pace, the way videos do. The Siberian cranes were incredible.


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