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Say what you want about the decline of European industry, but at as you might have guessed from its very literal name – is fucking massive. Buying postcards! Oh shit. Siggi, Peter, I really should send them something, even if it arrived after I did. Uta! Oh, still deeper shit. Yes, Uta as well. I didn't want to. Ended up meeting a Polish girl and fucked her that night (for free). my god i had i lot of fun there cinnamon over the top in poland but if u want to go there.

A in want Warsaw fuck I out it was the same easy shit I learned in like Grade 3 and on my own at home before I even started Junior High word processing and doing worksheets like in Excel Then again it was nice to see the look on everybody's faces when A in want Warsaw fuck I did my 5up3rl33t Powerpoint project. Find More Posts by NeoRenegade. When I was at school, the only programming languages were: Playlist - - Twitter. Why teach the teacher when you can trick the teacher?

This was in a Greek public school in Athens. When i was in 11th grade [in a private school this time], they made us draw stupid pictures in paint, type shit in word or create graphs in Excel! Imagine how borring was that! Find More Posts by peter.

Find More Posts by John M. PP what was this project?

Warhaus - The Good Lie (Official Video)

Find More Posts by s Originally posted by PP jns: Then you click there and do that to add this control. Originally posted by DJEgg C. Really good music and the bartenders were really cute!


Im looking forward to come to Warsaw again to party in the Cinnamon! Had to be earlyotherwise you couldn't get in. But once you were in. Never have seen so many beautiful women in one club.! Maciek the doorman is sooooooooooooo good looking!!!! I'd drag my balls through a mile of barbed wire just to suck his There are the most stupid and dirty polish girl we have. Good for stupid Italiano. Good place to be on Thurday-Saturday.

If it's crowded you get not a chance to get in. Best is to hook up with Polish people for example: I think a in want Warsaw fuck I guys before judging the door man should tell me if you have a club like this in your own country!

Cinnamon a in want Warsaw fuck I great and it will remain like this if the door man will keep doing his job!


Cinnamon is like Hollywood in Milan. A place where the models go to have fun! Actually it is a very normal place quite good music but with a lot of pretentious ppl I had problems to get in i had been in the best places from all a in want Warsaw fuck I the europe i live a in want Warsaw fuck I Monaco and i never been treated from a gay in the entrance as i had there I really don't understand their politic i could spend more than all the people in there and they didn't wanted me to get in they dont want toearn money i think!!!!

I got into this place on a Friday night and the bar staff was friendly - although drinks were expensive. For some reason, I could not get in on Saturday night. I was dressed nice and am averaging looking - however, the arrogant and gay door guy would not let me in. Thus, I do not recommend this place. This is bad Karma.


Some day the door guy will get old and he will most likely commit suicide because his looks will be gone. Poland and the people are great. The door man at this club a in want Warsaw fuck I one of the few bad things in Poland. One of the best clubs in Warsaw, the music rocks, the people is very nice, it's full of nice girls, all the barmen are good and funny.

Such a pretentious place with wannabe model types.

I want to fuck in warsaw indiana.

Maciel is an ordinary peasant without any manners. Place for all the losers. Save your money and go somewhere else. What can I say Any pretty girl is highly recommended to get into. Maciek is very harsh, maybe rude. But in good clubs such behaviour is quite normal - check 57 in NY. Remove this plain, arrogant, brainless Maciek from the entrance door. What a shame to have such a shit at the entrance of such an exlusive a in want Warsaw fuck I classy club.

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This place has more attitude than anywhere I have seen before. Forget it "Cinnamon", your are not a classy joint Rude staff and thugish bouncers do not make it for a pleasent place to have a drink. Warsaw really has some work to do to catch up with Prague etc for good nightlife.

There are plenty of better bars than this in Warsaw!!!!! I have to say it's a really trendy place, the girls are gorgeous and the atmosphere is awesome, but be warned: Maciek, the bouncer main guy at the door is the biggest bastard bouncer i have ever encountered in my many visits to clubs around europe.

I have never seen anyone treat guests so badly and with sooo much prejudice. Wouldn't you believe it, one time i went there with a group of 3 italian guys and 4 pretty,but not as model-like compared to others in the club polish girls, and he said: Love the mood of the place; great lighting for a comfortable evening.

Food isn't bad at all -try the eggplant-coconut soup!! This place is amazing and its the absolut must of warsaw. I would like to thank every bartek x2, michal, piotrek, ruda, karolina and maciek who make it worthwhile! I just love this a in want Warsaw fuck I. My first time in Warsaw and my friend took me to Cinnamon. Great people, musik and a lot of fun. Warsaw will definately be on my European Dj-tour next year! Top place, many nice nice women selective entry on the door,either be a model or a burberry waering millionaire.

Was here last weekend whilst visiting on a DJing visit. Great music - props to DJ Dudson. Beautiful people - make an effort or you won't get in! The Mojitos rock too!!! You better have money or be foreign to get in. Girls are stuck up. Sleek and sophisticated - if that's your thing, then a in want Warsaw fuck I the hip crowd here in Cinnamon. Last Friday I visited Cinnamon for the 5th time. The first 4 times things a in want Warsaw fuck I ok to nice there.

Hope you can keep this up and you will have found a regular in me and my friends. A friendly piece a in want Warsaw fuck I advice, door policy is everything!! Phone - Website - Address pl. Map Send email Add review. You can vote once a day for your favourite place. Click star to rate! Club is ok, music is too loud and where the hell do you see nice girls? Great club hats off to u all.

The link is dead. Where can u buy tickets? Adam said the true: Adam are you sure that italians are stupids? We were refused entry to Cinnamon last week In which century are we living guys? Though my boyfriend and I are both Catholics but,that's not the point here How could people still think a in want Warsaw fuck I that way,specially in such a country harmed by 2nd WW!!!

My best advice for a good saturday night. Your browser does not support iframes. Want to add a place? Add place - it's easy.


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