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The army says more than Kurdish rebels were killed in Cizre. .. without distinguishing between military, police, women, men, old or young. The leader of Turkey's main pro-Kurdish HDP Selahattin Demirtas (C in white shirt At least 30 people have died in clashes in the Turkish town of Cizre since a military operation began on movement meant they could not take him to the mortuary, the BBC was told. What might 'Mueller report' look like?. Residents of Cizre, in Turkey's volatile southeast, have slowly been twice during this time, alongside residents in search of their belongings who had "At one point our son went out into the courtyard and snipers shot him dead. rooms within them now a trichrome scheme of black, grey, and white ash.

Psychological warfare such as the circulation of a photograph of a tortured female body through social media. Soldiers threw bottles full of gasoline inside the buildings, which they then set on fire with lighters they threw in. Among the dead there were 27 children, 20 women, and 79 people who have not been identified yet. Basements that housed civilians, including injured individuals, who had taken refuge from the attacks in town which was within the knowledge of security forces have been hit with tanks, mortars and other heavy weapons.

The evidence suggests, however, that the a guy white Cizre Looking for in were fully surrounded by the security forces at the time the alleged killings took place. Furthermore, the authorities have given no compelling explanation as to why it was not possible in these circumstances to detain individuals alive or to evacuate allegedly injured people and civilians who were among those sheltering in the basements.

The government has not claimed that those sheltering in the basements violently resisted while being evacuated. The picture of what happened after the alleged killings is also incomplete.

Municipal workers told Human Rights Watch that they transported the bodies to the morgue a guy white Cizre Looking for in body bags after the military and police ordered them to collect the bodies from streets near the buildings where the three basements were located. The municipal workers also said some of the bodies were burned, in some cases so charred as to be unrecognizable, and that others were missing limbs and heads.

A guy white Cizre Looking for in imam who saw some of the bodies gave a similar account. Human Rights Watch also saw eight of the autopsy reports on the recovered bodies, which indicated that six bodies lacked body parts and four were burned.

At least seven killed in Turkish 'cleansing' operation

Of the around people who died in the basements it remains unclear how many were civilians and how many were injured combatants. It is also unclear how many uninjured armed combatants had taken refuge in the basements.

Despite the now-documented suffering of the children, women and men of this ancient town, old and young, and the many senseless civilian deaths, the Turkish Government has seen fit to ignore all pressure to hold responsible those accountable for a guy white Cizre Looking for in cold-blooded massacre of innocent people….

Despite the Turkish interior minister announcing on February 11 that the security operations in Cizre had been successfully concluded, the curfew in Cizre was maintained until March 2. Lawyers and a forensic pathologist showed Human Rights Watch the decayed remains of a human arm discovered among the rubble dumped by the Dicle River and partially dug up again after children had buried it.

That was also reported to the prosecutor and raises concerns that there may be other body parts and evidence among the rubble removed from the Cudi and Sur neighborhoods. Yet, the family members who were asked to identify the deceased report that the bodies were burnt beyond recognition. Furthermore, bodies have been intentionally transported to various other cities a guy white Cizre Looking for in Turkey for autopsy procedures, which in turn have aggravated the suffering of the family members…The curfew in Sur has to be immediately lifted.

Who are the people who perpetrated these crimes against humanity?


And why have they not been held accountable? Will we ever know? Especially now since the Turkish assembly has granted amnesty to any soldier for acts committed during the assault on the Kurdish towns:. Similar frameworks tying the prosecution of public officials to administrative permission Law No. I therefore renew my call for access for UN a guy white Cizre Looking for in and other impartial observers and investigators, including civil society organizations and journalists.

Human Rights Watch July 16, The alleged abuses include unlawful killings of civilians, mass forced civilian displacement, and widespread unlawful destruction of private property.

The government should promptly grant the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights permission to enter the area and investigate according to its standards.


In the early 20th century the Armenian population of Cizre was estimated at around 3, In Juneas part of the Armenian Genocideall. Many of the victims had their throat slit and were then thrown into the river Tigris.

Turkish streets 'turned into battlefields' - CNN

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Turkish Special Forces Eliminate a PKK Terror Cell in Cizre - From Sniper Scope

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. A woman waits outside her house in Diyarbakir, Turkey, in October. The wall was riddled with bullet marks during clashes between A guy white Cizre Looking for in armed forces and Kurdish rebels. The bodies of 12 people are kept in a slaughterhouse in Sirnak, Turkey, in January. The conflict between Turkey and Kurdish rebels has claimed more than 40, lives over the past three decades.

The violence has claimed lives on both sides -- and even civilians caught in the middle.


Kasim, 17, was killed in Cizre, Turkey, in March. A Kurdish rebel crosses a street in Nusaybin, Turkey, in December. A man stands in his damaged home in Silopi, Turkey, in January. Civilians put white flags on their homes to show they are unarmed. A woman carries her baby in the ruins of Cizre, Turkey, in March.

A young Kurdish rebel shows a bullet that his group was using against Turkish forces in Nusaybin. A boy stands near a destroyed building in Cizre in March.

Dead goats are scattered on a guy white Cizre Looking for in ground in Silopi in January. A rebel builds barricades in Nusaybin. A street is barricaded in Sirnak.


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