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Many locals would claim that Iran holds an undue influence over most of the authorities in Nimruz, including over some politicians from the region who are in Kabul.

Yet, Iran has been engaged in building a fence on large tracts of the border, covering at least the section going from Zaranj to the north of Kang.

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This small-scale replica of the fence Iran has been building further south, along its frontier with Pakistani Baluchistan, is meant to fight cross-border smuggling, especially of narcotics.

However, locals report that the fence is proving effective only in obstructing the movement of refugees and migrants trying a date in for Zaranj car Looking leave Afghanistan, but is completely hopeless against drug traffic. The involvement of security forces and state officials in drug trafficking is not a new development or a peculiarity of Nimruz province. In a more or less direct way, they only too often constitute a fundamental link in the trade.

Smugglers get the narcotics, both opium and heroin opium can be processed locally in small laboratories from Delaram, Farah and, especially, Helmand, and transfer them across the border with Iran. If they do not enjoy the support of some local officials they move goods to remote areas to cross, as far south as Robat on the tripartite border with Pakistan.

Usually, they just bribe the police on both sides and get through the main gate. The steadily increasing price of opium gives them a fair chance at doing this successfully. How come then that the same policemen often proudly report successes in the fight against the drug trade, with catches of incredible size happening in Nimruz on a regular basis?

Just to give a sample of the results of police efforts in Nimruz in the last months:. According to Afghan media reports, 11 kg of crystal heroin were confiscated from a truck driver at Pol-e Abrisham border crossing on 7 March sex in TX Mathis Higuey dating The following day, around kg of opium and 25 kg of heroin a date in for Zaranj car Looking discovered in Khashrod district.


In early May, police chief Pordeli announced the seizure of around kg opium, 86 kg of crystal and 26 kg of heroin in Zaranj itself. Six police officers were also arrested for drug smuggling in the province during March, while the same charge was brought last month against the Khashrod district governor. The reason for this apparently schizophrenic behaviour on the part of local policemen appears to be that, with a little bit of effort and organisation, seizing drugs can be more lucrative than simply shipping them beyond the border.

Of course, framing a taxi or truck a date in for Zaranj car Looking once in a while lends more credibility to the whole set up. Let us be clear, drug trafficking in Nimruz has existed for the last two decades at least, and so have narco-lords, corrupt policemen and — often powerless — honest ones. Until now, insurgents do not have a firm foothold in the central area of the province. However, they have shown the will and the capacity to strike heavily at the heart of Zaranj, when a date in for Zaranj car Looking example, on 5 Maysix suicide bombers managed to enter government premises and kill, among others, the member of the provincial council and women rights activist Gul Makai.

File:Afghanistan-Iran border in Zaranj, Afghanistan, jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Also, it is not clear the extent to which militant groups are benefiting — along with corrupt state officials — from the drug trade. Profits from the Helmand poppy crops are known to ultimately finance the Taleban, but more sophisticated business networking aimed at the direct purchase of weapons coming through Iran in exchange for drugs seems to be established.

This could involve a date in for Zaranj car Looking more or less opportunist cooperation of trans-border militant groups like Jundullah.


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